T.B aka TheBest Dropping Some Heat This Winter


Tarun Bedi has just dropped ‘Ain’t No Stopping Me‘ and the track is a banger. This is for the first time I heard TB and he has got some skills and knows how to use them appropriately and not go overboard.

tarun bedi sound shikari

Before we get to the good stuff I would like to mention that I am not very sure about the overall mixing of the track and maybe a little bit EQ or reverb should have been used throughout the track, but then again I am not a producer and would not be surprised if a lot of people disagree with me.

Now on to the positives, in an overly crowded Punjabi rap segment T.B has some uniqueness. His voice is unique and scores perfectly in terms of finding a balance of not sounding too urban. His delivery and rhyme schemes are fresh and delivery is refreshing. I am very certain that TB will keep working on his craft and in time when he does attain his full potential there will be no stopping him. Sound Shikari provided him a with more than decent instrumental for the track.

VR Creative Films who have also worked on several videos for Sikander Kahlon have also worked on this video, the color correction employed is kinda similar but effective. There are cameos by Sound Shikari and DesiHipHop.com‘s very own Sandeep Singh who is easily comparable to Rahul Dravid (now retired) from the Indian cricket team in terms of commitment to the work.

Check out this track right here –