Swet Shop Boys’ Single T5 Unfolds an Equally Powerful Video


Swet Shop Boys released a video to their song T5 which is their first single from the upcoming LP called Cashmere. The song was released on Soundcloud a month or so again and now with the duo Heems and MC Riz have hit double hard with a video accompanying the song.


Riz has been a victim of racial profiling for years, from random checks at airports to being cast stereotypically in Hollywood, Riz’s varying degrees of experience with being treated as a suspect has given rise to this piece of art that blatantly talks about Islamophobia and his interaction with it.

The collaboration with Himanshu Suri aka Heems was a direct result of these experiences Riz had around the world and the duo’s work is largely based on the issue. The story in the video showcases Riz and Heems facing the TSA and border control officers at JFK’s Terminal 5. The two rappers play a version of themselves with parallel experiences, both having different endings. The topic couldn’t be more timely with the anti-immigrant sentiments in the artists’ home countries- Brexit in the UK and threat of how things might turn out if Donald Trump becomes the US president.  

Produced by Redinho, the video is on point, direct and simply impossible to ignore given the current political climate .