Susti JC Sona (Remix) – Puneet Kohli x Harsh x Marshall


Who’d have thought JC Sona could put out as many remixes as he has this year! Well… he’s back this timewith a trio of desi rappers Harsh, Puneet and Marshal to release yet another track.

The trio just recently featured on Raftaars remix of their track ‘Chill and have been enjoying the hype since.


JC Sona is also a part of the Sona Family, a Hip Hop based group creating songs such as “Ek Glassy Do Glassy” feat Hard Kaur and he has been travelling the world doing shows and working with a wide variety of artists, which surely reflects in his creativity and knowledge, which in turn has empowered him to create songs from any type of genre be it hip hop, dance, electronic or RnB.

Having heard the original ‘Susti’ track combining vocals and a Dr Dre type beat, JC felt that he could bring the piece to life with a fresh beat.

After contacting Puneet, not only has JC smashed it with producing the beat, he also sang the chorus! This ‘Susti’ Remix needs to be on your playlist and don’t miss the opportunity to watch the music video exclusive to

The video is fresh and perfectly shows what ‘Susti’ is about.

The scene is changing on a daily basis and JCs aim is to establish himself by creating his own unique sound and constantly re-energising his brand.

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