Sushanto Gharai Scored First Spot In “Raw Flava”


Sushanto Gharai is a hip-hop artist from Delhi city. He has been rapping and popping since 2012. Currently, he is representing The Culture Fanatics Crew and Khatarnaak Hip- hop Collective while being involved with the growing hip-hop culture in New Delhi.

Rakim and KRS-ONE inspired him in this game. He is highly impressed with Mr. Wiggiles and his videos too. The main problem was the society who found it hard to accept the fact that hip-hop is more than just music. But their taunts and absurd jokes didn’t stop him anyway.

He kept on working and participated in many events. His latest event was “Raw Flava”. Sushanto scored the first spot in one on one popping. Their jam’s main aim is to missionize hip-hop. By conducting more jams, they want to empower the Indian dance community to the fullest. Sushanto believes that like other countries, India should find a way out of making a life out of hip-hop. For that, he is evolving himself and working hard.

We wish Sushanto Gharai a great future ahead. By organising such workshops, the culture will definitely grow.