Sunny Khan Durrani’s Latest Drop ‘Dil Da Haal’ Is For Every Lover Out There


Sunny Khan Durrani is a Pathan from Peshawar, Pakistan who is often alluded as SKD. His style of music is a mixture of multi-lingual rhymes. He has been battling and dropping music for a while now and has a reputation of an experimental rapper. None of his works is like the previous one which means he is continuously growing by defeating his past self.

He has released a ‘Dil Da Haal‘ a few days ago and people who are his fans are already loving it.

Dil Da Haal‘ is a cross-border collaboration between the artists based in Pakistan and India. Daniyal Hyder who is also from Pakistan composed this track and played it to Sunny around 3 am. Sunny wrote and recorded his part the same night and due to variations in Daniyal’s vocal style, they decided to record his sections the next day. They sent this project to several producers for a professional mix and master but couldn’t find the desired sound. Sunny himself polished his skills with time especially for this track and finally did it by himself.

Meanwhile, Sunny was in talks with Jharkhand, India based female vocalist, Debashree Dasgupta and she was interested in working with him. He asked her to send a demo of the same track and after an agreement with Daniyal they gave her the slot. He claims that this track was mastered 300 times before they got their final sound which took them over a year.


This is a pop/rap track based on the story of a person’s feeling of being alone. It’s a very dulcet composition and nothing about the track is over the top. ‘Dil Da Haal’ is not a proper Hip-Hop track but the way Sunny managed to put his vocals is giving this track a contrast. Debashree’s vocals are brilliant enough to gain your attention.

Give this single a listen and you’ll love what comes out of your speakers. This track has something for everyone. Find what fits for you the best.

Listen ‘Dil Da Haal’ by Daniyal Hyder, Sunny Khan Durrani and Debashree Dasgupta here: