Sunny Khan Durrani Released His Multi-Lingual Track ‘Woo’


Sunny Khan Durrani, a Pakistani hip-hop artist who can rap in four languages is back with another project called ‘Woo‘. Sunny Khan Durrani’s ‘Woo’ is also a multi-lingual rap track as Sunny has constantly switched between 4 different languages.’Woo’ has a lot of subconscious rhymes which makes this track an exceptional piece of work.

Sunny Khan Durrani, better known as SKD  belongs to Peshawar, Pakistan who is trying hard to put his city on the map. Sunny Khan Durrani has also participated in the desi rap battle league called ‘They See Battle League‘ alongside  Aqeel Sarfraz.

Sunny Khan Durrani also did some collaborations with Indian artists as well. Last year, Sunny Khan Durrani did a collaboration in a track called ‘Dil Da Haal’ featuring Debashree Dasgupta, an Indian vocalist. Sunny Khan Durrani also collaborated with Chen-K, a well-known desi hip-hop artist from Pakistan in a track ‘BADTAMEEZ’  in which both of them spat hardcore punches on a trap beat produced by Chen-K.

In addition to this, his latest release ‘Woo’ is produced by M. Sufi while Asad Ali Khan remixed and did the post production of the whole track. Sunny Khan Durrani directed the video of ‘Woo’. Sunny Khan Durrani wants to shout outs to Hamza Khan Durrani, Saeed Akhtar, and Osama Ali, professionally known as Young Bone for helping out him so that he can make the best out of him in ‘Woo’.

‘Woo’ started off with an English verse “Switching language is my style I can break it and fix it, I pour it, I wrote it I break in my district/ Everything or nothing I got balls to risk it, Group up and step up I am solo, A misfit” and then he comes with his Hindi rhymes “Likh! Jab tak likh sakey sach tu, Betha mere nishaanay pe, Chup dor bach tu/Hunt mode on, Lambi meri hitlist, Dost mera astronomer, blackhole specialist”, then Punjabi “Gal laggay jiwway goli wajdi nishaanay tey, Banda tandrust aqal aajandi thikaanay tey/Nan na sabaa shi, Sabaa na parrun shi, Izzat chaala warrka agha darla drun shi” and in last he spat bars on Pushto language “Jinnay meenay Gaaray hum daa de bakwaas dey, Daasay na khkaari izzat darta raas dey”.

The hook of the track ‘Woo’ is also very catchy “Four Languages coz’ I know and I know I’ll be in the zone,
Coz’ I am breaking out and I am making out, Like Woo”

Give it a listen to this track and find out what you like about ‘Woo’.

CheckOut ‘Woo’ By Sunny Khan Durrani Here: