Sunny Khan Durrani Dropped Multilingual Single ‘Rok Lo’ (Video)


Sunny Khan Durrani is a Peshawar, Pakistan-based Hip-Hop artist who is often referred to as SKD. His name first blew up when he had a rap battle against Aqeel Sarfraz in an event that was organised by ‘They-See Battle League’. Before this battle, a few of his videos were doing the rounds online but never got any serious attention. His previous single ‘Badtameez‘, which was his collaboration with another popular artist Chen-K did hit the mark of more than 84,000 views on Youtube and is definitely a good track.

Sunny is a Pathan by birth and has an image that’s not of a bilingual artist. He’s a polyglot and has a hold on four languages namely Punjabi, Urdu, English and Pashto. This is not the first time he has done something like this. He uploaded a video where he recorded a beatbox session and then spat a few lines in all four languages which resulted in him standing out from the crowd.

He’s a humble and peace-loving artist and considers humanity as his religion, but spares no mercy when it comes to his music and he proved it by dropping a music video for his latest single ‘Rok Lo‘.

“Pet bharaan apna main vech ke sapne”


I knew about SKD but somewhere deep inside I used to think that he’s just experimenting with his voice and lingual choices and one day he’s gonna choose a permanent language for his music. But later, I realised that being multilingual gives you some more room in being complex. I came across this drop and the moment I played it, I was impressed. He opens up the track with a whispering voice that says “Aaj kholan chalaan saareyan de raaz mainu rok lo” and it instantly got my attention as whispering is more of a common element from Metal music and is used by very few rappers on their tracks. No! It’s not a difficult thing to do but it gave this song a new flavour.

His verses are directed towards the artists who are basically good for nothing and try to maintain their hype in the music scene. He targeted their style of rapping and their sense of using lyrics which are recycled from different places, basically their existence as an authentic artist. ‘Rok Lo’ is strong on its lyrical side but I feel that the overall sound could have been better. I guess the choice of the instrumental is what is holding down the vibe of this track but that doesn’t mean it’s killing the feel of it. It might have sounded better, but who knows? Right?

This single by SKD is a strong recommendation from my end as his lyrics are more on the meaningful and practical side of the same. The video itself is good for an underground artist’s level and was shot by Chen-K. They’ve tried to deliver a good project and that is what matters.

Listen to ‘Rok Lo’ by Sunny Khan Durrani here :