“SunitMusic And Suraj Singh Is The Next Single. Get ready!” Suraj Singh | Exclusive Interview

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Suraj Singh is hip-hop artist who has his roots in India but is currently living in Cologne, Germany. He has dropped tracks like ‘Maharaaj‘ with Usman Ghauri aka BCL Blade. Veer Karan is Suraj’s another professional contact and they both collaborated on tracks like ‘Aunty Ji‘, ‘Kasoor‘ and ‘Ke Nayi‘. Suraj has also collaborated with famous names like Sickick and several others.

His journey has been amazing and since everyone wanted to know about his forthcoming music and journey, we decided to interview him. Here’s how our chat went with him.

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San Cha: It’s been a long time since we have seen you drop some fire. Where were you in all of these days?

Suraj Singh: I wasn’t well, I was struggling with health. Although, I didn’t let that affect the music. Even while I was ill, I was still learning music production. I was working on new tracks. Bigger and better tracks which will be releasing over the next few months. August, 2017 it is.

San Cha: You’ve been here from a long time now. What do you feel about the current state of hip-hop?

Suraj Singh: It’s amazing. I mean, I released ‘Daayan’, which was produced by SicKick, in the starting 2016 and since then, nothing came out from Suraj Singh. Although, if we talk about the scene & if we compare 2016 to now, a lot has changed. We’ve a lot of rap artists and all of them are killing it. It’s gonna be exciting to see where the scene will be in the next few years. Its growing so fast!

San Cha: Your name was involved in Guru Lahori-Xpolymer Dar beef. What impact do you think the beef has left on the underground?

Suraj Singh: I don’t know about the underground but both of the artists have definitely gained a lot of popularity through that ‘beef’.

San Cha: How tight are you with Veer Karan and Ghauri? Are you working with them on something?

Suraj Singh: Bhai Hai Dono Apne. I’m working with both of them but on separate projects. In fact, VK & I have a track coming out in the next few months. Ghauri is my official producer, you know what I mean. You will hear a lot of us in the future.

San Cha: Like any other artist, your audience loves your music while some say you’re not hip-hop at all. What is your take on this?

Suraj Singh: Take me as whatever you want. I write songs & rap those on beats. If doing just that makes me Hip-Hop, then hell yeah, I’m hip-hop. If not, then I’m not hip-hop at all. I don’t care actually. I don’t even want to be put under a label or a category. I’ll do whatever I like & who know knows that I might start singing tomorrow. I just make music, that’s it.

San Cha: Are you going to stay underground or are you focusing on some mainstream music?

Suraj Singh: I’m more focused on making commercial type of music. I have been working with SunitMusic for the last 2 years. We have made a few tracks which will be releasing this year. Let’s see where it will take us. Main focus is, of course, on making mainstream music.

I mean you could slightly see that in the last few tracks that I put out. ‘Kasoor’ and ‘Aunty Ji’, both tracks had that mainstream feel to it. Some people liked it, some people didn’t. A pretty much balanced response I received , to be honest. People miss that ‘Khilona – Suraj & Bura Khwaab – Suraj’. I don’t though. I love what I’m doing right now.

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San Cha: A lot of your music is still not out. Track with GD Singh was announced but it is still not out. Why?

Suraj Singh:  I’ve made a lot of content in the last 2 years. A LOT! I haven’t put it out yet simply because I don’t feel like doing that. I mean, I don’t see any point of releasing a song and wait for it to reach 20-50K views. I know I’m worth more than that. I’ll release a few tracks, but will make sure it reaches the right/large audience. I have released a lot of tracks, got a lot of good feedback – but that’s it. So, what’s the point of doing the same thing again & again? I think it’s time to step up & do something next level. You know what I mean?

Speaking about GD Singh/GD47, we did a song called ‘Dr. Love’ in 2015. Shot the video in 2016 & hopefully it will release in 2017. I don’t know what it is with the song. Ohs gaane nu ehni bimaari gall gayi, that even ‘Dr. Love’ can’t help it. Jokes aside, the song will release soon along with a few other things, hopefully!

San Cha: When should we expect some new music from your end? Why do you like to take time between the releases of two projects?

Suraj Singh: I guess August 2017 is the release of the track with SunitMusic. I am trying to put out new & different things. Like Imran Khan once said, “Je hit nayi’o baneya fer straight to the bin”. You know what I mean?

San Cha: What is that one think that you’d like to recommend to every desi hip-hop artist?

Suraj Singh: Keep doing what you do, don’t hold back.

San Cha: A message for your fans?

Suraj Singh: I apologize for not releasing any music lately. I have been getting a lot of messages from ya’ll asking about my health & new releases. Thank you very much! I truly appreciate that. I promise I won’t disappoint ya’ll! We have a big single coming up in August & from that point, ya’ll will hear a lot of tracks! SunitMusic and Suraj Singh is the next Single. Get ready!