Sun J’s Turns His ‘Kamina Mode On’


Sun-J who is earning his share of reputation on a very fast pace these days is a member of Delhi based Hip-Hop collective ‘Khatarnaak‘. His skills are brilliant and his style of putting his music together has a unique approach and is completely different from what’s coming out these days.

We informed you about his mixtape back in December of 2016 when he released ‘Bhaad Mei Jao‘ and told us that he has decided to call it ‘Journey‘ which is due for it’s release in February 2017. To build the hype even more, he decided to put out another single ‘Kamina Mode On‘.

‘Kamina Mode On’ is classic Sun J. The story behind writing this track was to prove his point against the haters who try to pull him down. He has a different approach towards people hating him. Sun J claims that haters are the ones who talk about you here and there which ultimately results in free promotion and unintentionally leaves topics that an artist like him can use to demonstrate his art. He has made a smart point. Right?

It’s an Old-Skool instrumental and his flow is completely keeping the vibes of it. His lyricism always attracts the limelight and I don’t think that someone is going to deny that. It’s basically a “tit for tat” phenomenon of not caring about the people who snitch about you.

He’s a guy who likes to handle everything on his own. He has produced, mixed and mastered the track and even shot and edited the video too. He is an artist who is underground but on a different level.

Watch ‘Kameena Mode On’ by Sun J here :