Sun j – I Represent | Agnastik


Sun j from Agnastik just dropped a new video for his track ‘I Represent‘ and this guy is only getting better with time. I have met him and his crew ‘Agnastik‘ and they are blossoming into a powerhouse of Hip-Hop.


Sun j hasn’t been rapping for long, but it is very evident that he is supremely hungry to make his mark, and mind you if he keeps going the way he is, that will leave behind a pretty big mark. The message is simple, he says that they stand for all the elements of hip-hop culture which are Emceeing, Turntables, B-Boying, Graffiti and Knowledge. Agnastik is already known amongst the underground as one of the hardest and rawest crews in the capital.

The track is mixed and mastered by Sun j himself and he is done justice to himself. There are obviously a few minute flaws if you start analyzing it technically, but looking at his previous work and making a forecast of his future releases, he will easily perfect his craft and will only sound better. There is tremendous improvement in every aspect when you take into account flow, wordplay, delivery and content.

The track comes with a very edgy video and shows the entire crew doing what they do best, which is showing their various talents. The black and white colour correction adds a very grimy and raw feel to it. Props have got to be given to Adwin and Jinn for putting together a video which brings out the best in the track.

Check out the video right here :