Sun-J Asks His Haters to ‘Beat It’ In His Latest Release ‘Bhaad Mei Jao’


Delhi based rap artist Sun-J who is the founder of Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective is here with a simpleton release. He is currently a member of renowned Delhi based crew ‘Agnastik‘ who are a complete Hip-Hop crew in themselves. Sun-J is known for tracks like ‘I Represent‘ & ‘I’m a Break Boy‘ & claims of doing music for fame but for distinction instead.

His fans call him ‘Desi Cole’ because of his resemblance with J. Cole. Sun-J’s mixtape ‘Journey‘ is coming very soon & a single off his tape ‘Bhaad Mei Jao‘ is here.


Bhaad Mei Jao‘, which literates to a celebrated English slang ‘Beat It‘, came out last week & turned into a buzz within a split second. Hip-Hop heads who comprehend the culture properly will effortlessly understand the type of music he has conveyed. Sun-J used a ‘Boom-Bap’ instrumental & went old-skool on this one.

Lyrically, his bars concentrates on the general population who attempt to draw him down and never really helped him in doing what he’s great at now. He appreciates his clique’s support towards him & his hustle. A bar from the song “Bhaari haathi se mere bol, Kuch kehne lage mujhe ‘Desi Cole'” cleared the clouds of doubt regarding his appearance.

Sun J 1(Artwork of ‘Bhaad Mei Jao’)

Music Production, Video Direction & everything else was taken care of by himself & without anyone else’s help. You can see that his endeavors have paid him off pretty well. Visuals of this single features Sushanto who is his fellow crew member. He performed a famous west-coast art form of dancing which is popular by the name of ‘Locking & Popping’. Sushanto was added to the video to give this project a wider dimension.

‘Journey’ is expected in the second month of coming year & people like me are highly excited for his mixtape to drop.

Watch ‘Bhaad Mei Jao’ by Sun-J here: