Know What Sultan’s ‘Khottey Sikkey’ Is All About

Sultan just released ‘Khottey Sikkey‘ as a Raaj Jones X-Clusive recently and decided to talk about positive hip-hop. Promoting meaningful hip-hop music has been his primary objective because of the things that rap music talks about these days. His previous track ‘Hustle’ also had a message in it. Wondering what it was all about? Read about it here. Let’s talk about ‘Khottey Sikkey’ now.

Khottey Sikkey

First of all, there is a lot of influence of money and girls in rap music today. Since a lot of people talk about this but no one actually cares, Sultan’s approach is a bit different. “Khottey sikkey hum dollar pe padte bhari se” is the hook that says a lot. It is for the people who are underestimated by the society. It’s a movement against the norms of the society. In addition to that, it’s a fight for keeping the element of knowledge alive in hip-hop.

Shrey Bharadwaj aka Oye Sheraa has produced ‘Khottey Sikkey’ while the video was handled by Deepesh Goyal. Lowkey Records Worldwide are distributing this track around the globe.

But, why is talking about flashy things a bad influence on the Youth and a threat to Hip-Hop? Sultan Said:

“A majority of young emcees have misinterpreted hip-hop. They’re making music purely on getting high on weed and drugs.  On the other hand, Artists are role models to many and should come out with songs which can inspire their listeners. Misguidance should not kill this beautiful culture – Hip Hop. ‘Khottey Sikkey’ is all about knowing your worth which helps in pushing yourself to fight against all the odds”.

Overall, this track needs the attention of a listener’s ears. The lyricism Sultan has used is all about delivering a message of self-believe. “Hashar hai tumhare yeh likhe huye geet ka, Weed main hai dubi , kya hoga kal ke beej ka/ Fasal hai hamari jo yeh aaney wali nasal hai, Nashe main hai doobi kya padta kisi ko asar hai? Na Na padta kisiko asar hai”. Old-School Piano-driven music was all it needed and Oye Sheraa has provided the same. Black and white visuals compliment the track by adding a dark and chilling vibe to it.

Watch the video of ‘Khottey Sikke’ by Sultan here: