Street Violater Shares His Life Experiences In His Track ‘Livin’ Or We Dying’

Street Violater is a hip-hop artist and a DJ based in Hyderabad, India who burst into the hip-hop scene in 2012. In 2015, Street Violater hit another turning point when his rap single ‘My Stupid Wine’ charted locally. It also attracted international attention and became a St. Lewis radio favourite. Inspired and influenced by tracks from the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Eminem, Violater kept pushing ahead with his art. In mid-2016, he launched another single titled ‘We Want Justice‘ produced by Hanto. 
Though based in India, Street Violater has proudly remained on the pulse of every trend in rap. Either he has been very lucky at noting sonic trends and getting access to them or he seriously pays attention to what is happening in world music as he betters his skillset.
In his recent released ‘Livin’ Or We Dying‘ produced by Nicc, he came up again proving himself for his versatility and his lyrical skills. Bringing some hardcore facts and the dark side of his life experiences. His main intention behind the track is to let the people know about the truth of his life and ethics of humans. From this track, he wants to tell people that all scrap in his life motivated him to move and get the work what he deserves. This track has inspired me as it tells me that we should do out work and not think about the negativity around. I totally enjoyed the track and hope you guys will enjoy it too.

Listen To ‘Livin’ or we dyingBy Street Violater  Here: