Stereotypes Of Being A Rapper | Starter Pack


There are certain things that come to everyone’s mind by hearing the word “rapper”, like a person wearing hoodies, low waist jeans, hi-top sneakers and chains around the neck. But these are just merely stereotypes, the thing that should come to one’s mind are skills, talent, and focus. Rapping is not just about having a *bling* life it’s much more than that. There are some stereotypes attached to rappers let us see what are those, or you can just call it a  rapper starter pack(sarcasm).

So, here is the list of stereotypes related to rap artists.


If you are a rapper then you must wear a hoodie or the society will not accept you. Hoodies have been a part of a rapper’s attire from ancient times. Actually, hoodies are cool and whatever is cool is welcomed in Hip-Hop culture. Hoodies are the way of showing your carefree nature and rappers mostly are carefree so, it just go with their personality but it is not the case with every rapper so there are many who prefer another outfit as well.


This is yet another stereotype related to rappers but it has a history behind it that you might not aware of. According to some theories on the internet, this trend was invented in United States jails, where prisoners who are willing to have sex with other inmates needed to invent a signal which should not be noticed by the guards. So, by showing their butt partially they were telling others that they are available to be penetrated by other prisoners. So whoever thinks it’s cool now you know the story behind it. But, when it comes to Hip-Hop culture anything that is unconventional is welcomed so many rappers started to following this trend but it is not the same with every rapper, some like it, some don’t.


Having chains around the neck and rings in the fingers is a very cool way of showing off and rap comes hand in hand with show-off and why not show off as anything you have comes from your hard earned money basically it’s a way of showing the amount of hard work one put into becoming a rapper so, the next time you see a rapper with heavy gold chains think about the hard work that he/she must have done in becoming one. Wearing gold chains also make people envy of them giving them many followers.


I have no idea where it came from but people have this misconception that rappers hate each other but actually, they get along very well and why not, they all belong to the same culture they all do the same kind of work they all respect each other and appreciate each other’s work. They get to learn from each other. In general, rappers are very blunt-spoken I think this is where this stereotype is born but come on guys who doesn’t have a disagreement with their fellow ones, but that’s just a matter of time everything sorts out pretty quickly between them because even during the disagreement they respect each other’s point of view.


Every rapper wants this be true but it’s not the case, rappers are also human being they also have families, they need to spend time with their loved ones which is not hanging out. They have many things to take care of professionally and personally too. They work very hard for their success so they just can not be hanging out always. I don’t have much to say about it guys you can think yourself that it is like a job to them not a typical 9 to 5 job but a job they love to serve for. Their life is much more than just hanging out.

So, peeps next time you see a rapper don’t just look at their attire or what they are doing try to look for their hard work and commitment they have towards their JOB.