Stat Quo Drops Few Details About The New Eminem Album

Stat Quo was signed to Shady Records at one point of time but left the label after his feud with none other than Slim Shady. In a recent interview, he spilt whatever details he knew about the upcoming Eminem album. It seems he will be finding his way back into the Shady roster. He went on to mention that he will be having a sit down with Eminem and Dr.Dre and hopefully figure things out.

He narrated the incident that leads to him and Eminem parting ways:

“My album would have came out but I fucked up. There was a song called ‘Dance On It’. Em wrote the chorus and Em wanted me to say the chorus. I thought it was not good… My exact quote was: ‘I’ll put it out if you stay on the hook’ and then I said, ‘Give me a million dollars and I’ll put it out.’ He was mad as shit.”

Stat Quo mentioned that Mr.Porter aka Denaun Porter is working with Eminem on his upcoming album. Other than producing tracks on the upcoming album, Mr.Porter is also the facilitator of peace between Stat and Em.

In the same Interview, he discussed the beef between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj and also designed a strategy for Nicki Minaj. He concluded that it is difficult to predict the winner between the two as they both represent different sides of the same coin.

All said and done, we hope that this beef is solved out soon and that Stat’s album comes out in peace.