“Once I Start Dropping Music, It’s Not Gonna Stop Anytime Soon.” – Yungsta & Frappe Ash | Exclusive Interview

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For long, Yungsta and Frappe Ash have been talking about their highly anticipated album and we, at DesiHipHop, have the inside scoop for all the Desi Hip Hop fans out there. When the album will release is yet to be disclosed but rest assured both of these vets have something stored in their arsenal for their fans.

Check Out The Exclusive Interview With Frappe Ash & Yungsta

DHH: How Did This Album Came Into Being ?

Frappe Ash: Yungsta and me go way back, we came across each other’s work around 2012 and knew we had to drop a body of work together. I went to Pune to pursue architecture and work on my solo music while Yungsta was in Delhi grinding every day and night. So, since now that we both have a little time to work together in Delhi, its about time we work on a whole body of listening experience.

DHH: Is It Going To Be Different Compared To What Your Peers Are Doing?

Frappe Ash: Of course it is, every rapper is unique in their own way. We both are glad that our styles have blossomed and compliments each other’s style. I don’t know how different its gonna be, I mean its up to you to decide but one thing is for sure that every single track is gonna be running through your mind till we come with another body of work. you favorite rappers are about to change that’s for sure.

DHH: What Was The Writing Process Like?

Yungsta: Writing for a single is very different as compared to writing for a body of work. It demands a certain cohesiveness and while writing for a collaborative project you have to make sure that you’re on the same page with the counterpart. Also, we got a lot to exchange, like, the way we approach a project and carry it out. We both are in the same zone that’s why it was a great learning experience.

Frappe : “Bro itna likha ki kuch bacha he nahi hai likhne ke liye”. On a serious note though, we gained a lot just by picking up elements from each other’s style. The structure, flow, delivery, content in fact the whole vibe of the album transformed just because we were open to each other’s feedback and tried to infuse our content to create something you have never heard before and never will.

seedhe maut yungsta ARaw mecca

DHH: Are We Seeing A Duo In The Mix?

Yungsta: Might! The thing is that since Frappe is here for a very short period of time we didn’t quite think about it. We’re just two friends who happen to hop on a project together. We would think about being a duo when we can bring out music together more frequently because that sound is a little different from how we would sound on single projects.

DHH: What Do You Both Have In Stores For The Future?

Frappe Ash: I have 4 new tracks coming up before the album out of which two are collabs. After the album  I’m working on my solo EP which will have 5 tracks. The work has already started, yall just gotta be patient.

Yungsta: I have a track with Seedhe Maut, titled “Go” which drops anytime next month. On top of that, I have the music video for “Kabhi Nahi” coming up with Raga and a few more singles coming up after the mixtape some of which are singles and some collabs so once I start dropping music, it’s not gonna stop anytime soon.

DHH : Any Updates On When To Expect Drops From The Mixtape?

Yungsta/ Frappe Ash : Right now there are 3 videos scheduled from the album but who knows if we would make more.

The mixtape is going to drop really soon and the name of the whole tape is going to be ‘SHOWTIME’

“This album is going to be the result of two sonically similar minds and energies coming together to deliver a pumped up listening experience.”  Yungsta