Spit Dope Inc And Introduce Yourself’s ‘Unleashed’ Was Off The Charts.

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It is impossible to imagine the kind of hype Raasta have witnessed when this event went down. I saw the spectators coming in early and trying to catch a good spot for viewing their favorite rapper from Delhi. The only thing which did not favour the event was that it was a dry day.

There were many battles to watch out for and they included Quixotic Vs Sai, Shreyas Vs Yungsta, Calm Vs Frappe Ash, Sane Vs The Rapping Machine and MC Kode Vs BK. All the battles were crazy but it was the spontaneous rebuttals by The Rapping Machine which took the cake and won the hearts of Delhites. Last time when MC Kode saw BK, they decided to have a spontaneous battle and it was not clear who exactly won. Just like me, a lot of folks were waiting on this battle and it was worth the wait. MC Kode killed BK and won the battle unanimously, the final unofficial score being 3-0.

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Spit Dope makes sure not to just have fun but also interact with other upcoming rappers and helping them along their way. Delhi’s best emcees spoke about battling, musicality and stage presence. These workshops included an interaction with Quixotic & Encore ABJ on battling, Aastik on musicality and Yungsta & Prabh Deep on stage presence.

New Delhi is never afraid to experiment with new ideas and concepts and this time around they introduced the concept of “Bar Exchange“. The first bar exchange was between Sukrit & Snub while AP & Ghaatak followed them up and they ripped the instrumental. The most intense bar exchange was between Jamnapaar’s Raga and Encore ABJ which left their fans going bonkers. The beats for the bar exchanges and cyphers were given by Delhi’s very own Sez.

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The cyphers featured Seedhe Maut, Prabh Deep and Sun-J. It was the Khatarnaak representative, Sun-J, who killed the cypher for me. The other cypher had Quixotic, Yungsta, Lakshaya and Frappe Ash going ham on the Sez instrumental.

DesiHipHop.com is proud to be affiliated with events such as Spit Dope as they are promoting the culture and also helping in fostering unity among the emcees. Stay tuned as we got a lot more events and gigs lined up.