Spit Dope Inc: Workshop Round Up – Raasta, Delhi

Spit Dope Inc blew the roof of Raasta (Delhi) on Sunday with energetic performances from Seedhe Maut, Raga, Youngsta, Keepsake, PrabhDeep and many more. With everyone paying close attention to the knowledge that was being shared by the presenters of the workshops, the crowd learnt some news tricks and had the opportunity to clear up some of their queries.

stage-1 youngie-work keep-spittng raga-performance

The event began with Spit dope inviting people attending to spit/jam in front of the crowd and moved on to the battle workshop conducted by Mc Kode. The battle workshop consisted of Mc Kode giving tips and tricks on how to write schemes, punchlines, fillers and how to flow in a battle, that was concluded by the crowd asking questions regarding the same.

That workshop was followed by an ecstatic performance from Seedhe Maut. After tthey killed their performance, Keepsake and Encore ABJ conducted their track building workshop where they highlighted techniques on how to write (difference between mainstream and underground content), how to flow, vocal techniques and content of a track, the workshop concluded with answering queries from the crowd.

Raga and Youngsta then took to the stage to conduct their workshop on cyphers. With in-depth discussion about vocal techniques in a cypher, techniques on flow and the writing process, along with a few insights to track building. Their workshop concluded with them answering queries of those attending.

performance-see seedhe-maut

Both Raga and Youngsta went on to perform their tracks and put the whole crowd literally on their feet. Prabh Deep joined by Mojo conducted their workshop on stage presence and how to interact and get the crowd hyped. With various points such as how to interact, breath control, writing, coping with back to back shows and such.

Inflict then conducted a videography workshop where he talked on how equipment doesn’t matter and proceeded to explain how a zero-budget music video can be made. With workshops now concluded a Rap Battle (rematch) between Sane and Mc Kode (they both only had 2 days notice) where both these battlers killed it with their bars and the crowd seemed to be enjoying every minute.

battle battle-2

To close down the event Raga, Seedhe Maut, Youngsta, Prabh, Keepsake had a little jam. At the end of Raga’s performance, the crowd were for asking more so the whole scene shifted to a local graffiti spot for a street jam session which ended at 8:00pm.