Special Announcement By B3 India For All Battle Rap Fans!


India’s leading battle rap league Battle Bars Bombay (B3 India) has made an announcement we’ve all been waiting for. From their recent event Art Of War, it was clear that one of the battlers would emerge as the first ever Clan Leader. Clan Leader’s position is the second rank right after the Grandmaster title.

Kode vs Infamous B3 India Monster Battle Bars

When Delhi rapper MC Kode defeated Infamous to win the title of Clan Leader, little did he know what’s more in store for him. And that’s the special announcement we are talking about! B3 India has declared the return of Monster Battles, now in the form of Monster Battle Bars.

Battle rap enthusiasts now have an open stage to come out and show their battle skills on a monthly basis. Unlike B3 events, the Monster B3 will consist of the dome freestyle battles. Battlers will freestyle and go against whichever opponent they get, and the finalist among them will then battle the Clan Leader. Both the Clan Leader and the finalist will get 45 minutes each to write their rounds.

Only time will tell for how long MC Kode retains his title as B3 India‘s first Clan Leader.

monster battle bars MC kode VS infamous Clan Leader B3 India

Monster Battle Bars will go on for almost the entire year, during which Semifinals and Finals of the Grandmaster title will be on simultaneously. We will then witness the ultimate battle between the Clan Leader and the Grandmaster!

Who do you think has a shot at snatching the title of Clan Leader? Spread the word to let them know, B3 India is back with Monster battle rap!