Spark From Kathmandu Has A Message In His Latest Release, “Nobody”!


Saksham Shrestha, who likes to call himself Spark, is a hip-hop recording artist from the divine land of Kathmandu, Nepal. His recent drop, “Nobody“, has some serious vibes. The music video of “Nobody” came out under Origami Music Group which is a division of Sairam Pictures Pvt. Ltd.

As a matter of fact, the Hip-Hop scene and the spot it merits in the music business has high potential in Nepal and India. “Nobody” is a type of cognizance of self-advancement. However, this release is not just a legit articulation of what Spark and people around him discern about an artist’s forte and perception. “Nobody” acts an agent of the sort of self-ward attitude that the Hip-Hop scene in South Asia needs to possess. On the other hand, the video of “Nobody” itself has some dark yet positive vibes in it. The carefree nature of Spark is clearly remarkable and compliments the track impressively.

There are a very limited number of Nepal-based artists who’re doing it properly. Spark, for sure, is now in the list of those names. Spark’s pen game might sound weak in “Nobody” but it’s a wisely written track.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Nobody! Not even your clique, MF!
This kid is bringing hits now it’s lit, MF!
Better quit, MF! We talk no splits, MF!”

Watch “Nobody” by Spark here: