“It’s The Sound That Delhi Has To Offer, It’s The Sound Of Delhi” Prabh Deep | Exclusive Interview

New Delhi mixtape, “Khatarnaak” is coming out next week exclusively on DesiHipHop.com. It features some of the finest artists from the city and holds some serious hip-hop vibes. Sun J, Yungsta was formerly known as Youngsta Ash, Encore ABJ, Calm and MC Heam are the artists on the beats which were exclusively produced by Prabh Deep. The name of the EP might sound similar to The Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective but they’re not to be mistaken.

Prabh Deep is the most reputed artist from the capital city. Since he is the producer on this EP, we decided to know more about the production end of this project. Here is how my conversation with him went.

Prabh Deep

San Cha: How was “Khatarnaak” EP planned?

Prabh Deep:  We decided to bring together all the dope Delhi MCs into one project that was the basic idea of the “Khatarnaak” EP. It is a sort of a Delhi mixtape.

San Cha: Your sound, as an artist, is unique. What type of sound should everyone expect from this project?

Prabh Deep: I gave them their sound. Every single track that I produced in this EP was produced according to the style of the MC. I added that one element or rhythm which, as you said, makes my sound “Unique”. Every beat has that different yet similar bounce which makes my sound unique on this project.

San Cha: “Khatarnaak” EP was finalized in the last year. How do you think it is still relevant and important for the Desi hip-hop scene today?

Prabh Deep: Definitely, “Khatarnaak” EP is still relevant in the scene today. The EP was produced last year but it’s sound was way ahead of it’s time. These sounds were designed to sound fresh even after two years of it’s production. It’s like that. I produced trap beats for Yungsta, MC Heam and myself. However, trap music, as a sound, was not as popular as it is now at that time. We did it way before. Delhi on top, man!

San Cha: As a listener, which is your favorite track from the EP and why?

Prabh Deep: As a listener, my favourite track is “Savage”. As a matter of fact, that beat is very close to my heart as it is different in it’s own way. It’s fresh, simple and heavy at the same time. The way Seedhe Maut has constructed it is crazy. This track is fire.

San Cha: Any important thing about the EP that you want your listeners to notice in this project?

Prabh Deep: Of course, notice the consistency in this EP. It’s the sound that Delhi has to offer, it’s the sound of Delhi. There’s that bounce on every beat which is complimented by the MCs in the best form. On the other hand, every MC on this EP is dope now but it was their start back at the time when this EP was constructed. Sun J was new in the MCing scene & Yungsta was fresh as well, Seedhe Maut was just formed, I was fresh and Heam delivered something new.