Sonia Patel’s Rap Verses Turn into Debut Book ‘Rani Patel in Full Effect’

Rani Patel in Full Effect is the story about a girl who is trying to cope with her life and identity with her immigrant parents in Hawaii. She is sexually abused by her father and hardly finds her mother an aide to her troubles. What really keeps Rani Patel going is her writing; she writes rap verses reflecting her story and her plight. Sonia Patel, the author of this book published by Cinco Puntos Press which was originally released on 19th September, lives in Hawaii and writes rap verses. She is a psychiatrist from a Gujarati family.


Sonia works with adolescents and rarely ever shares her own life experiences while in therapy even though she is often tempted to tell the teenagers she has made the same mistakes and that they should avoid them. Sonia however, would take to writing rap and one day while skimming through her book, she discovered that over the years, she has written the story of a girl and knew that was something worth putting out. Rani Patel in Full Effect was the result; a young adult novel for all the adolescents.

Sonia’s protagonist Rani did not just start writing rap verses, the character was born out of the rap verses that Sonia had already written; so the authenticity of the character’s actions was so ingrained that it just fit well. Sonia’s own journey into writing those rap verses happened when she was 11 years old and heard run DMC rap on her boombox and was blown away. She started writing which came quite naturally to her. It became a form of therapy and a fall back for Sonia who was dealing with an abusive father’s action that isolated her and her mother. She was not a part of the Gujarati culture but neither could she fit into the American culture.
The journey through her teen years to becoming a psychiatrist was not an easy one and Sonia who definitely felt the grief deep down while writing the story also felt cathartic. Her novel is being highly rated and Sonia is toying with the idea of a sequel where Rani goes to college in New York but that is not something she wants to delve into right now. Sonia is in the thick of writing a tragic teen love story while her rap verse inspired book ‘Rani in Full Effect’ touches teenagers all over the world.


‘Rani Patel In Full Effect’ is available online for purchase: