Songs That Didn’t Work For Bohemia


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Roger David, professionally known as Bohemia, is known as the inventor of desi rap. Bohemia is considered as the pioneer of desi hip-hop. He is the one who started rapping in Punjabi initially. He released his first album “Vich Pardesan De” in 2002. Then he released “Pesa Nasha Pyar” in 2006 which was followed by “Da Rapstar” in 2009. In the year 2015, he launched his own music label “Kali Denali Music”. Bohemia has also appeared in XXL Magazine.

Bohemia is known for dropping tracks that are related to him in someway. In the past, he has always described his journey in the tracks. Records like “Charso Bees” and “Diwana” are some of his best work.

Recently, Bohemia tried his hands in commercial music. The choices he made didn’t work well for him. Bohemia has an image of a poet but in the past, he did some songs which are didn’t liked by the critics. Some of them are really bad.

Here’s the list of some tracks that didn’t work for Bohemia:

1. Club Pub

“Club Pub” came out last year in the month of August. The track was composed by Ramji Gulati. This record has Bohemia, Sukh-E, and the Big Boss fame Ali Quli Mirza. Kunwar Juneja penned the lyrics of this track. Sooraj Katoch from Zenith Troupe did the choreography for “Club Pub”. Robby Singh directed the video for “Club Pub”. The track is released by T-series.

If you are an hip-hop head then trust me this record is not meant for you. The hook of “Club Pub” has nursery rhymes like “Club ho ya pub ho, whiskey ka tub ho/Nashe mein hum sab hoo, ooooo”. No doubt the video is lavish but the track is not up to the mark.

Significant Lyrics From Bohemia’s Verse:

“Tujse roka na junga main, Jo chahye gaunga main,

Desi boys mein jaise, Sanju dada banjunga main”

2. Saheli

“Saheli” also came out last year. Gurdeep Mehndi lends his voice to this track. He also produced the music of “Saheli”. Ikka Singh penned down the lyrics for “Saheli”. This record was also released by T-Series. The project is powered by Khushi Motion Pictures.

This song is average and didn’t go with the image of Bohemia. We were expecting some good lines from Bohemia. But the turned out be below the average.

Here’s The Lyrics Of Bohemia’s Verse:

“Jis din se dekhe tere nain, khogya mera chain,

So gya main chand pe jaake, hogya main tera fan”

3. Weed Da Saroor

Weed Da Saroor” came out this year. J Lucky lends his voice to the track. He himself penned down the lyrics of this track and Deep Jandu did the music for “Weed Da Saroor”. GeetMp3 did the release of “Weed Da Saroor”.

bohemia the punjabi rapper

We thought Bohemia will spit some good rhymes but he failed. First, he used to deliver quality work but now he is focusing more on quantity. This post is not about insulting Bohemia. We, as fans, want to tell him that he is not liable to do such tracks. Fans always loved his poetry. We want him to be true to the culture.

Clans will surely hate us. but the real hip-hop fans will agree to this point that he should concentrate more on his poetry rather doing such tracks.