Sneak Peek Of Bombay Lokal’s Street Cypher

Hip Hop collective Bombay Lokal has put out a sneak peek of what went down on their first Street Cypher. Bombay Lokal organized first of its kind Street Cypher in their area taking inspiration from the roots of hip hop culture that started in the streets. With the aim of bringing hip hop heads from Virar-Vasai area together to jam.

Shot with a smart phone and edited with basic techniques, the Street Cypher video is very raw. A glimpse of what went down that day can be seen in the same. From preparing cardboard floor for the b-boys to connecting speakers for the emcees, Street Cypher seemed to be going pretty smoothly.

Sneak Peek Of Bombay Lokal’s Street Cypher

We could see some familiar faces but a lot of them were new. This is kind of the aim with which Bombay Lokal has been formed. Emcee Shaikhspeare believes that given the chance to attend hip hop jams in their own vicinity, a lot of eager youth will show up to brush their skills. The initiative is definitely commendable and we wish to see them grow.

Desi Hip Hop had earlier covered a story on how Bombay Lokal faced police harassment during the cypher. Glimpse of which can be seen in the video where the cops show up to stop the cypher. However, according to the post made by Shaikhspeare, the road where the cypher was held was said to be completely deserted thus causing no hindrance to the society.

From the video it seems like the streets were definitely not deserted as lot of vehicles as well as public can be seen passing by. In such a circumstance, it is the duty of Police officers to check up on unwarranted public gathering. Whether they extorted money from Bombay Lokal is a completely different issue.

While we fully support the cause of Bombay Lokal and wish they continue to organise such cyphers in future, we’d like to suggest them to take proper permission pre hand in order to avoid such an incident again. Hip Hop is not anti law, peace has always been the better option.

Check out the Street Cypher video by Bombay Lokal for more info –

Street Cypher #1 Recap| Breaking x Emceeing x Beat-boxing

Recap of Street Cypher #1- A glimpse of the things that went down at the "Street cypher #1' organized by Bombay Lokal on 23rd April 2017.We had an amazing cypher session with beat-boxers, breakers and rappers from several parts of northern Mumbai (Vasai-Virar-Nallasopara-Naigaon) until police intervened, stopped it forcefully and even harassed some of our members. However, we succeeded in meeting the objective that we had behind putting a street cypher which is- bringing all elements of Hip-hop together out in the street to have fun and to spread the culture in the locality and beyond. This is just the beginning of a movement and we will be putting more cyphers, jams etc. at less vulnerable venues in coming time to push the envelope of spreading the street culture. Shout out to the all the Hip-hop heads who participated in the cypher and to everyone out here who are keeping it street and real.Like our page to show us support and stay updated!Share the video if you liked it!Keep Supporting!Hip-hop and we don’t stop!#Recap #Streetcypher #bombaylokal #hiphopDesihip Hop Vasai-Virar-Nallasopara-NaigaonTo The Culture :: SlumGods :: BEAST MODE CREW

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