Smore’s Indian Classical and Hip Hop Jam

Hip-Hop artist Sameer Mahawar aka Smore is a San Francisco, Bay Area resident who dropped his debut album XVI, a mix of Hip-Hop and classical music. His album name was inspired by him wanting to get the album wrapped up and having the number 16 on there helped him do that. Sameer spent years on getting the record ready. XVI was released on July 23 of this year and Sameer performed to a live audience on July 30 which according to him was his dream coming true. The support from his family, friends and fans is what kept him going through the journey of making and putting this album out.


Sameer, who is 19 mixed singing with rapping, wrote the lyrics and mixed all ten songs from the album which is based on Sameer’s life in general. Sameer’s taste for hip hop and his rooted Indian culture is what the album reflects; it’s a mix of what he is and the album represents that sentiment through and through. The first song on the album called Indian has a pitched down sample of a Bollywood song from the movie Mughal-E-Azam and his style emerges through these pitched down Indian samples; the smooth sitar strains mixed with an 808 bass which Sameer also closely associates with on a very personal level.


Sameer is a student at the San Jose University and a trained pianist. He has also done a production course to be on par with all aspects of music. While he is very happy with all the positive reviews he has been getting, Sameer also knows what his next album is going to be way better.