Smokey Makes An Impressive Comeback With, ‘Down Baby Down’

“I won’t go down”, this is what Smokey told me about his new collaboration with Aerate Sound. It has been a while since we heard from Smokey The Ghost aka The Brahman. Smokey is never afraid to experiment with his sound, he is constantly working on something innovative and unique. ‘Down Baby Down’ is not a typical rap song, it is a product of metamorphosis of several elements.

‘Down Baby Down’ is an ode to the never dying spirit of never giving up. The Production on the track could not get more progressive than this. The effects loaded on Smokey’s vocals are wicked and are going cohesively with the instrumental. I love the dreamy breakdown in the middle and it prepares the listener for what’s lying ahead. The track comes along with a really dope video. Bangalore resident, Bishmen shot the video and Pranav K directed it. It has been edited by Jyotsna Panicker. The video is a brilliant cross between a retro appeal and a new school vibe.

Check out the video right here:

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Aerate Sound just released their new album and you can catch them perform live on 17th March at The Humming Tree. If you are around you should check it out!

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