SMASH Nasty And J₹$ Collaborate On #getnasty


New Delhi-based producer SMASH Nasty is out with his 2nd Music video for the year 2016. After his track ‘Kaun Hoon Main‘ he comes back with another a collaboration and this time he has featured J₹$ (Jason Ramesh Solomon). J₹$ is also a celebrity from another sphere as he is an Indian/American Super Fight League fighter.

The tracks called #getnasty and SMASH is responsible for the infectious production and we have J₹$ slaying the verses. The music video features clips of them performing the track LIVE at various Social outlets in Delhi. The dope video has been shot by Zummer Productions and has cameos by myself and Calm from Seedhe Maut.

Check it out, it is time to #GetNasty –

SMASH Nasty has been killing the live gigging scene in Delhi for the past few months and has been getting along different emcees to turn up the party. From what I know Jason has been rapping for quite some time and is quite the live performer, be it the microphone or be it the squared circle he knows how to control both.