#SlyckReview : Sir-D – Dunali ft. Lovely Pawar and Nazran Beats

When I heard this track, I felt as if I was back in 2008 or 2009 again, those were the first 2 years when I was in Chandigarh and I got to taste groovy but difficult to understand Punjabi music. I know I have used a very broad classification but this is what I thought about Punjabi music back then and well-being blatantly honest not a lot has changed. Before you read any further please note that none if the reviews are biased and I try to the best of my ability to justify every review.


Sir-D has done justice in terms of delivering perfectly what he wants to say. Does he go overboard a few times, yes he does…… but then again who does not in 2016. I dig his verses and along with the subtle switches inflows. I know Sir-D to be an ardent lyricist and what you have witnessed on this track is still better than a lot of the garbage playing on radio and TV. Lovely Pawar has an impeccable reach and I thoroughly enjoyed the chorus. Nazran Beats is responsible for achieving the big sound and is one of the better electronic producers of Punjab and his progressive production on this track is a proof to this fact.

It is easy to judge that some major $$ have been spent on the video and the video has it all from babes, cars, guns and everything and anything that you would expect a fancy rap video to have. Rahul was the D.O.P and the video was primarily handled by Director Jot. The track has been released under the Label, “Dirt Records”.

Check out the video right here:

This is what Sir-D told DesiHipHop.com exclusively, “The people who are following my music and my closed ones know that I have been working on my debut album since day one. A lot of sweat, sacrifices, emotions, joy and tears have been mixed in this. Each song in the album shows some prospects of my personality. Dunali the first single shows the aggressive Punjabi blood in my veins. I know a lot of people feel that there are a lot of songs on guns and violence and we Punjabis should stop doing this. We need to understand why these songs are made on such a large scale and why people are still bumping it. This is a strong aspect of our (Punjabi) personality. No matter what we claim, we were born and bred like this and this is in our DNA. So when you are asking us to be real, this is the most real we can get. Dunali is a track which can be bumped in rides over gedis and on dance floors. Two places where we are most comfortable 😉┬áKeep bumping this as I am about to drop my debut album “Blessed or Cursed” real soon.”