#SlyckReview : Ron Chester – Falling for you


I came across a track called, ‘Falling For You‘ by Ron Chester. The track sounds tight and is good to see Indian rappers pursuing English rap and getting good at it too. I have come across some of his work before and this is the best that he has dropped over here.


Falling For You‘ is about intense love and intimacy towards the beloved which Ron really wants to get but has his own share of obstacles and discusses all the experienced interference. The beat is on point and the production is a progressive new school flavored beat. It is on spot but maybe the mixing and mastering has rendered the vocals a little icy at a few instances but then again I know a lot of folks who like that kind of sound. It was refreshing to see good lyricism and not pushing in anything to make it sound corny.

His video however is something which sets him apart from his competition. I am no expert but what I saw was better than a lot of videos coming out in the underground. It was nicely shot, crisply edited and the colors were soothing and all of this helped in the rendering of a very elegant video.

Something which is a lesson to be absorbed from this release is the amount of planning and execution that has been invested in this release. The track has been produced patiently or at least that is what I think taking into account the quality achieved. The compliments for the video are already mentioned above and is also a proof that good things need to be executed tolerantly. In a scene where 100 rappers are coming out everyday it is important to pay attention to the details of the final product because listeners now don’t just listen but also absorb the entire package.

Have a look at the video right here :