#SlyckReview : Ricky – Launda Bada Ho Gaya (Video)


I came across a supremely dope track by Ricky called ‘Launda Bada Ho Gaya‘, and it’s  a banger that has a very wicked tale encrypted in it. In an over-populated Bombay hip-hop scene, Ricky has lyrical attributes which set him apart.

The hook is a simple tale of how Ricky is now grown up and is appropriately summarised in ‘Launda Bada Ho Gaya’. The verses go along the forever green theme of misogyny, braggadocio and boast. The first verse has some killer comparisons and I fell flat when I heard the bar about the ‘Sweater’. The second verse is also dope but I felt that the first verse was harder.

Ricky has his way with lyrics and will only get better with time. The production on the track is sick and the producer has perfectly sampled elements of Indian classical music.The track could be one of the better examples of how to blend commercial elements into hip-hop without losing the true essence of the art.

The track comes with an awesome video. It is nothing extravagant but it carries off the track perfectly. I like how Ricky decided to go with a very basic video and made sure that it is executed perfectly. I would like to give props to the team behind the production and editing of the video.