#SlyckReview : UP Represent Freeverse – Rachit | Shrey Maan

Every day I get a dozen of tracks to review and one among that dozen happened to be this, “UP Represent FreeverseRachit | Shrey Maan”. Rachit just dropped a very tight Freeverse and one word which I think describes it appropriately is ‘Interesting’. In my knowledge, this might be the first verse which is having this specific geographical representation for the state of Uttar Pradesh.

rachit 1

The dude has a crazy lyricism and is a wizard with rhyme schemes. The verse is dope and reflects his willingness to be identified as an artist. I love the fact that he is willing to represent an entire state and not just a specific city. Going through the YouTube description of the track, it mentioned that Rachit has also produced the music behind it, although it is just a loop but that compliments the smooth and groovy flow. There are a few problems such as clarity of a few words but that might be due to the absence of adlib punches. He has a smooth voice and maybe another stack of vocals might give his voice more weight.

rachit 2

One thing which I want to convey is that this new breed of Hindi emcees have a pretty good vocabulary and are mastering the art of using it appropriately. He packs punches like, “Charitra jaise seesha – Transparent” and there are plenty of other such Hinglish punches.

Have a look at the entire verse:
“Mere state ke ladke rehte first class tip top
#UPrepresent hum dete first class hip hop
I hit it straight, got the first track hit ya’ll
Check kar bandi ki playlist, hain mere track listed Uh!
sab kuch hai mere track list mein main pasand nahi,
kaan tere whack pills le charitra jaise seesha transparent
ye ladkiya lena chahti dekho saat phere aaj mere saath mein hai,
khada ye Hindustan UP ka bol bala ,
lagadu bindu aaj unn sab ke vakyo pe jo dikhate
isko neecha grind hai meri crusher dekho maine inko
peesa khwahisein badi lekin dil chhote aise logo
ki jagah nahi jo dil todein logo ka dil hai loota,
haan main hoon ek lootera Utha jo aaj kisi ke aage ye sir jhuke na.”

Rachit 3

The YouTube video is made by Shrey Maan and I hope for future releases they go for Lyric videos. Check this track out and let me know what you think.

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