#SlyckReview, ‘Quiet’ by ViceVersa featuring Enkore


Mumbai-based electro hip-hop act ViceVersa collaborated with Enkore on their new track ‘Quiet‘. ViceVersa has been playing several gigs along with Enkore but were yet to release some music together.


ViceVersa has a strong hold in electronic production which is again visible on this track. Ullas from the crew is responsible for their signature sound and it is good to listen to artists who are trying to attain a different sound when compared with conventional rap. The concept is dope, they have tried to oppose false virtues and perversion prevalent in doubtful constitutional benchmarks to wrong self-beliefs. P-Man and Enkore have crispy verses and well laid out. In my conversations with Enkore previously, he had mentioned that he will be experimenting with a bilingual flow and I give him props that he has done justice to what he mentioned in the conversation.

A very interesting thing to be noticed in the track is the use of word, ‘maga’ throughout the track. P-Man has used ‘Maga‘ to substitute the ‘N-word‘ which gets thrown around by a few Indian rappers who are clearly unaware of what it actually means.


I hate it when the rappers and people who listen to rap here use the N word so casually. I was guilty of this too until I came to know of the history of the word, how it was used to oppress people based on their skin colour.” P-Man adds, “We Indians cannot and must not use that word. In this song, I used the word – Maga – Kannada for son, literally, but used a friendly term of endearment. Fits lyrically and using our own word, not blindly aping something else

Enkore also had a few words to share about the track and he said the following, “Quiet was a dope song to do for me. Not just because of the beat bangs but because it was a very different energy as compared to almost any other collaboration. Not only are ViceVersa not outright rap artists, but also what was different is that we’ve performed some 4-5 gigs before we even discussed this collab. So we understand each other quite well and I think you can hear that in the song. It was dope working with ViceVersa. Good vibes and mad love! The song really is self-explanatory if you listen to the lyrics. A specially designed and dedicated STFU to various types of chuts….lol