#SlyckReview: P Swish – ‘The Process’


P Swish is an aspiring rapper from Bombay and has been around for a minute now. I have had a few conversations with him and he is the type of cat who is constantly trying to get better at his craft. He is constantly perfecting his skill. I have previously written about him as well but that was based on what I had heard him spit in his collaborations along with Cash Cardz.

‘The Process’ is P Swish’s first solo track or at least the first solo track that I encountered. He opens up the track with a couple of multiple syllable rhymes at a double time tempo and got my full attention from that moment onwards. Other than effortless switches in flow, he is a good lyricist and has a flair for writing some really wicked stuff. The concept behind the track is that it describes the voyage from how to turn a thought into an actual track. There have been attempts in the past on similar themes but ‘The Process’ is way better than most of them.

‘The Process’ also comes along with a video. You would probably be disappointed if you are looking for something fancy or extravagant. The video is really basic but suits the theme of the track. I assume that he will go for something a little more creatively challenging video direction in the time to come.

Check out the track right here: