#SlyckReview Oh Lay | Rap Demon | Young Bone | RAGA |


It does not get any better than this. Rap Demon, Young Bone and RAGA together rip apart the ‘Logic-Flexicution‘ instrumental with corrosive verses. Whenever their is a multiple artist starring track every Hip-Hop enthusiast always has a habit of choosing a favorite verse but it is very difficult to choose your favorite verse from this track, all the artists have given in their hundred and this track is bar feast.


Off-lately Rap Demon has been gaining a lot of attention due to his work and mainstream superstars such as Raftaar have gone ahead to show appreciation for his work. He opens up the track and goes in full ham and that double time flow towards the end is a spectacle. Young Bone comes in on the second verse and is no less than Rap Demon in any hip-hop metric system. The first 2 verses set the benchmark really high and RAGA was at par with them if not above them at a few instances. The track is not only a great display of lyricism, content and flow but also for the fact that prominent artists from across the borders are willing to collaborate and put out some dope music.

RAGA told the following exclusively to DHH, “OH! LAY! Hit my mind as soon as I heard Rap demon and Young bone killing that shit too hard. It was crazy, Since I played it was on loop. It was an offer from my side to Rap Demon if I can get on the third verse and as expected he agreed. I didn’t let him postpone the release date as I wanted it to be a surprise for my listeners as well as my friends because it was the date two years ago when I had quit rapping in English and chose Hindi as my focused style. I never had no issues making music beyond borders because this is Desi Hiphop not Indian Hiphop. This December is going to be very cold.