#SlyckReview on ‘No Mercy’ by Shah Rule and Nasty Ninja


Shah Rule and Nasty Ninja just collaborated together on ‘No Mercy‘. When it comes to bars you know that both of these emcees are respected for their craft and often looked upon as one of the more intense emcees from their zones but in ‘No Mercy‘ both of them have loosened up and given something rather more catchy and groovy.


I have been in Bombay for a while and from time to time you get to listen to rumours and news of what’s happening in the underground. I had heard a few rumours about ‘No Mercy‘ and was also told that Shah will be debuting in Hindi. I was not very sure about it until I heard the track, it is fairly difficult to digest that this is his first time in Hindi… The pronunciation, diction, flow and delivery everything was on point. Nasty Ninja has been killing tracks on a solo basis as well as alongside his crew MF. His signature savvy delivery along with a wicked rhyme scheme brings the best out of the track. They have not gone for the traditional 16 bar verse but have shared the verse making it look like a dialogue between the two and the listener is bound to get engrossed by this as they oscillate between the opinions of two people about the same girl.

Coming back to the point where both of these dudes are known for delivering bars and decimating a variety of topics, this time they decided to take the commercial route but without sacrificing their integrity. The track is about how two guys are trying to win over one girl and ultimately it boils down to a hilarious fistfight. The beat is catchy, groovy and should appeal to a lot of non-hip-hop listeners as well. The lyrics are written by Shah Rule, Nasty Ninja and Mawali. Shah is responsible for the dope quality of the audio as he himself produced, mixed and mastered it. Something to be learned here is that being an emcee does not mean that he should only be capable of delivering bars; he has got to learn how to incorporate that art in songwriting and composing. It is of crucial importance for an artist to have a diverse catalogue to capture a wider audience.


Shah told the following exclusively to DHH :

Our latest music video “No Mercy”, visually follows an exaggerated version of the chase that guys go through to get a girls attention. Normally in love and relationship music videos you have your typical ending where the guy gets the girl in the end but seeing as it’s two rappers on the track, we decided to throw in some rivalry and level of humour with the ending being that neither of us wins the girl. This is one of the many collaborations which Ninja and I are coming up with and we felt it was definitely the right time to drop it with the current currency change. Some light-hearted and humorous tone was needed.

The track comes with a chucklesome video which is the collaborative effort of Shah Rule, Nasty Ninja and Shravan Shetty. Check out the video right here: