#SlyckReview : High School – Frappe Ash X DJ Palash

This duo of Frappe Ash and DJ Palash is back with a fresh flavour and crisp tune. ‘High School’ is about different situations and circumstances which both the artists went through during their academic grind. He draws a few comparisons looking at himself now and introspecting where he was at one point of time.

The bar which goes like, “Been on my grind since High School” is self-explanatory and it sets up the mood for retribution. This can be proved by another bar, “Don’t wanna give up on the dreams that I ran for”. The rest of the track also follows similar lines. Frappe packs his usual flow and one thing which one should pay attention to is how he maintains his accent and has appropriate pronunciations. One line from the track which was a winner for me in itself was “So many leaves up in my bag some of my friends think I’m Autumn”. DJ Palash has given a pretty tight instrumental and it suits the ambience of the track.

I spoke to Frappe about his track and this is what he told me, “I was going through this phase of life, I think I’m done with this zone, for now, so I just wrote about it. Like this is what I was doing for quite some time so now when I’m done with that… It will be better that I write about it and express that state of mind.”

Check out the track right here: