#SlyckReview And Exclusive Interview With Harry Cheema

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If there is anyone who thinks that Harry Cheema is only producing tracks for Pardhaan or other artists is bound for disappointment after listening to the track. He wrote, recorded and produced the track for himself and it sounds as crispy as a cracker.


Harry Cheema just dropped the track, ‘High School Lover‘ and it is not even half as cheesy as the title might make it sound like. He has broadcasted his feelings about an old long distance relationship on the track. The track has a fairly new school sound and Harry sounds smooth on this joint. The lyrics are witty but once deciphered are actually food for thought and will remind you of her.

I caught up with the Chandigarh resident just to see whats up ? this is how it went down :

Slyck: What is Harry Cheema upto these days ?

Harry: I’m making music and lots of it! Surrounded by sounds, creative people and positive energies. I know I am not putting out that many songs right now on my channel but I am working a lot with various artists and producing for them so that is keeping me a little busy. Lately I have produced few tracks for Pardhaan which I am proud of since I really appreciate his work, his art. He is one artist that gives me creative freedom behind the console and we have a bonding like no other now.

Slyck: The new track is a banger, what was the story behind this one ?

Harry: I try to write stuff that has actually happened to me in the past or anything that I am going through. High School Lover is a track about long distance relationships and how hard it could get sometimes for one person in the relationship irrespective of the fact that they both love each other like crazy. Its a funny thing. This was also based on my own life events that happened in the past so you can bet your bottom dollar, everything in there is true! Reality always connects with people and reaches out I guess that is why people are loving the track coz its real talk.


Slyck: A listener does not get to listen to the type of decency and classy lyricism you have used to describe heartbreaks, what is your take on it ?

Harry: Listener is bound to listen what he is served. His immediate go to medium for music is either TV, Internet or Radio. Sadly these days music is not only about good audio, lyrics or concept but people now look for flashy videos, skinshow and wealth being shown in the music videos coz that is what they are constantly being fed. There are people out there pumping crazy money in promotions but somewhere are losing focus on the audio part, the lyricism etc. Artists usually cannot afford there own marketing, publicity and distribution and hence have to compromise. The people running the music business only want easy going commercial lyrics, hard hitting beats. No one wants to take risks and explore further. Its a race these days too, everybody wants to be the first to put out a track and beat the other person. All this hurry, lack of time spending on your craft is the reason behind loose music that you hear. Of course there are many good artists out there, but very few get the chance to come out proper in front and build their audience.

Slyck: You have written, produced and recorded the track all on your own, how was that experience for you ?

Harry: It was fun! I had made the beat sometime ago but didn’t know what to write on it. So it was kind of lost in my archives somewhere. Going through my vault I found the beat and though let me make this one. I got this feeling that it has to be a little easygoing and fun track but I didn’t wanted to write just anything. So I thought why don’t I write about a fun long distance relationship thing since I have been through one, and I know how crazy and at the same time how painful it can be. (LOL) So there it was, it took me a day to write the whole thing, since I don’t write one song in a single sitting (I keep doing random things while I am getting ideas for the rhymes). I hope all the people going through this would agree with me on what I said on the track (smiles).

Slyck: How are your future projects panning out ?

Harry: Future looks bright and busy. I am producing music for various artists, some from the underground and some from mainstream. Very soon you will hear all the updates and news. Thanks to my listeners and admirers, hopefully this coming year would be busy and you would see me more frequently. I am trying not to ever disappoint my listeners and I hope I make ya’ll proud of me.

Slyck: Any message for fans and followers ?

Harry: Always keep going with what you believe in and listen to your heart. Never be dependent on anyone in life! Be your own Boss! Take your own decisions! and of course, keep supporting Harry Cheema and know that I love and respect each one of you.