#SlyckReview : Dhandhli – Aarya, What is going on with our Youth ?

Here we have ‘Dhandhli’ by Aarya. It is his attempt to stand against the injustice happening. While other rappers are still busy in misogyny and braggadocio, Aarya tried to remain relevant to what is actually going on in our country. I think he gets 10 out of 10 just for the attempt.

Aarya Dhandhli Image

The track sounds good, lyrically as well as acoustically. He covers a wide range of topics from rapes, politics, struggling farmers and everything or anything that is mentioned in the news but never sees an action being taken to improve the situation. This is my first encounter with Aarya, I don’t know if this was his debut or not but it does not look like it. His delivery drips of conviction and has a really tight rhyme scheme. What I like about this track is that it conveys what it’s supposed to without sounding preachy or corny. The production is crisp and ambient and carries off the track perfectly.

The track also comes with a good video. That might be a problem, the video is just good when it could have been great. I am very certain that they will get it right in the time to come.

Have a look at the video right here:

“I have written it with the intention of making an impact on the youth. I want them to hear it, stimulate them to think and then change. Not just hear and like and then move on to the next song. I’ve put in a lot of efforts to make this. And I want the image of Desi hip hop culture to be changed from being violent or being meaningless to being a tool which can bring in change. This track is my 2nd and totally portrays what and how I feel about society.” -Aarya