#SlyckReview : Cizzy x Avik – ‘Shantona’

Cizzy from StreetFood has had a few hectic months and has been releasing back to back tracks. Over here we have, ‘Shantona’ which features Cizzy and Avik and it has been produced by StreetFood.

I do not have a good grasp of the Bengali language but from what I know about Cizzy from his peers, is that he does not deal with substandard content. Cizzy is an ardent lyricist who decided to call out fake rappers in his native tongue alongside Avik. I do dig the beat and I think that both Avik and Cizzy have done justice to it.

This what Cizzy said about the track, “This song is about whack rappers with big a mouth. Who have high self-esteem and a huge online image but their material is shitty, so in a way, this is a condolence for them. This track features me in the first verse and MC Avik on the second verse. Produced by Joe’s Joint from StreetFood. Shot by Ritwik.”

Check out the track right here: