#SlyckReview : Bosonto (Cizzy X Joe’s Joint)

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StreetFood Music is releasing back to back tracks. Their last track was ‘Musafir‘ and this time they are back with ‘Bosonto‘. ‘Bosonto’ is a fresh revisit of Rabindra SangeetAji e Bosonte‘ which has bits of folk and a lot of rap.

Cizzy opens up the track and drops an auto-tuned verse which acoustically sounds dope. My limited knowledge about the Bengali language does not allow me to speak about his lyricism. Joe’s Joint comes in with a tight English verse which vibes off like a little bit of Lil Wayne. Joe is consistent with good lyricism and has out-rapped himself when I compared this with his work on ‘Musafir’. His verse helped me in figuring out that the track is about love.

Cizzy told me the following about the track, “This track is about love. Nothing complex, plain old love. It’s about how love never gets old and how you hold on to the one person you truly love even after lots of ups and downs in your life”.

Check out the track right here:

The track sounds good and comes with a simple video shot by Abhisek Mitra. I think the crew is aware of the simplicity of the video and was only made for the convenience of an easy and quick release. I shall be waiting for their future projects.