#SlyckReview : BIG DANE – TGR


A lot of folks think that I do not review some of the music I receive, Honestly I review all the music that i get in my inbox. I am supremely glad that I did receive this track and the following is what I feel about it.


As soon as I pressed play on YouTube, I saw a very poorly shot and edited video and thought there is no way the audio could be dope but I was wrong. BIG DANE starts of with a nasty flow and has got some pretty good bars. For an 18 year old he has a pretty confident delivery. He simply raps about what is going on in his head, mostly are thoughts about getting unlimited dough for him and his homies. The hook reveals the full form of the track which is ‘trying to get rich‘.

I honestly wish if the track came with a doper video but well you got to start somewhere and I am pretty sure that with time their approach to making music videos will become better. BIG DANE is only 18 years old and has a long way ahead of him. He is a part of the budding Hip-Hop scene in Nagaland. I will keep my ears out for more music by him.

The following is what BIG DANE had to say about his track, “TGR is the story of every rapper who’s low key struggling to get that money cause it’s all about bills at the end of the day “Tho the lights not on me but I am still awake”