#SlyckReview : A.B.Y – ‘Zone Mei’

A.B.Y is back with, ‘Zone Mei’. This track is very different from what A.B.Y usually does and has put together a rather sick track. He basically specifies that he is not bothered by anything in the world because he is in a zone of his own.

He rides on a rather spunky instrumental which is produced by ‘HHB’ and starts with a very typical Indian sample but smoothly switches into a hip-hop beat, the beat oscillates between the 2 different sounds. The instrumental also allowed A.B.Y to show a variety of flows as he zips through the instrumental. He is trying to drive the point that almost every rapper is trying to do the same and polluting the game that is why he rather be in a zone of his own.”Koi

“Koi aagey aur koi peechey,
par main toh chaloon aoney zone main,
woh kehtey competition,
par main magan apney zone main”

The visuals for Zone Mei is a one take video and looks really dope. I have seen quite a few one-shot videos but they are not as brilliantly executed as this, I guess the secret to success over here was the simplicity. Satbeer Bhatti was the director and editor and Akshay Surve was the D.O.P for this music video.