#SlyckReview : Adam Aur Eve – Pardhaan


Pardhaan starts his 2017 in an extravagant fashion doing what he does best, making meaningful Desi Hip-Hop. Adam Aur Eve is a display, why the king of Hindi Rap is the Punjabi Rap God aka Bohemia’s favourite Hindi rapper.


Adam Aur Eve‘ proves that Pardhaan is a poet first and a rapper later. His delivery is soothing and has a certain ‘Shayari‘ styled element in it, it is perhaps this USP which has always set him apart from other rappers in his league. His vocabulary is phenomenal and the way he uses it is astounding. Throughout the track Pardhaan seems to be looking back at the life and analysing his journey, recalling certain decisions in life and critiquing the integrity of some of his friends. He is looking for a fruit similar to the one which Adam and Eve found, which helped them in their path and Pardhaan hopes that such a fruit will help him in finding his way as well.

Muquadma tha har kisi ka saath dene ka,
sammaan main kami nahin, beshak ho dusrey khemey ka,
jinko jinko mainey achey samaye sey milaya,
aaj unkey paas nahin waqt mujhe dene ka”

Harry Cheema gave a soothing instrumental which has few elements in the first verse and has a rather progressive vibe by the time we reach the second verse. I hope I am not wrong when I say that this beat had this whole dreamy J.Cole vibe. The drum kit oscillates between a simple high hat and a rim shot to full-fledged jazz styled drums by the end of the track, it is this variety in percussion which keeps the listener hooked to the track. This could be one of Pardhaan’s more exotic videos just due to the location where it is shot. By the looks of it and taking the blue waters into the account, this is most probably shot in Dubai. The video team, ‘Vin and Him‘ have gone for an effortless but productive video.

From what I have heard Pardhaan has a lot of music in store for 2017 and some of his music has the potential to be game changing. Have a look at the video right here: