Slyck Review: ‘Sun Khuda’ By Enrage And Puneet

In all the music which reaches my inbox, I came across ‘Sun Khuda‘ by Puneet and Enrage. The track is interesting to say the least but has a thing or two which cab learned from and implemented.

Almost whenever I have skimmed music which reaches my inbox, I mostly encounter hard and gritty underground stuff. A lot of these tracks have a few unknown rappers bragging about their achievements does not get more ironical than that. This might be one of the few track in which underground folks tried for a mainstream vibe. The tracks opens up with a rap verse and this is followed by a singing chorus. The track can easily be classified as pop and before you move ahead in the article, I meant pop in a good way.

One of the major reasons why I would call this pop is because of the uptempo and fruity instrumental. I love the message, lyrics and overall presentation but there are a few hiccups when it comes to the quality. The final mixing and mastering should have been a crispier and that would have made the vocals a little clearer. Regardless I am impressed with the attempt and will be looking out for more music by them.

‘Sun Khuda’ is song for everyone who has been through those dark days and survived. There are times when everything seems to slip aways and nothing seems to go right. This song was written in one of those moments and everyone can relate to it. Me along with the singer Puneet Kushwaha penned this song in his house and he added the much needed positivity into the track. The track simply says that Tough times don’t last but tough people do.

Watch ‘Sun Khuda’ by Puneet and Enrage here: