Slyck Review : Raashi Sood & Asim Azhar – [Untitled] (ft. Rebel)

Rebel of Khan Artists is one of the most under-rated overseas desi artists. ‘Untitled‘ features beautiful and soothing vocals of artists Asim Azhar and Raashi Sood. The track revolves around the practice of approaching all your goals and ambitions with a pure heart.

Rebel is the latest addition to the bracket of artists who record, write and produce on their own. This one man army has put together 3 different voices and blended them fairly well. The instrumental sounds phat and seems to be carrying the message pretty clearly. The track would have gotten a 10 on 10 from me if he would have structured the track a little better. Maybe it is missing a soulful bridge between the verses or a verse and the chorus.

His lyrics are hard yet simple to understand:

“Recognise what you were blessed with, use the tools that you will be given. To find your way to peace in this life that you are living purifying your intentions that’s what fuels your ambition. And even when your actions wouldn’t bring the recognition you deserve. But still serves to elevate your position to a better State, slowly beautifying your condition as you meditate on life, establish repetition. To regulate your choices as you make the best decision”

Check out the track right here:

This is what Rebel told exclusively, “Raashi Sood has the most beautiful singing voice I’ve heard. And I felt Asim Azhar had an amazing song and voice too. I wanted to see what it would sound like if the 3 of us made a song together. I didn’t give it a title because I took their songs and messed with it. Didn’t feel right to give it a new name”.

Rebel was also the genius behind ‘Infinity Gems’ which featured Lazarus, R-Mean, Tragedy Khadafi, Radamiz, Rebel, A-F-R-O.