Slyck TwoshadeZ drops a video for ‘Me, Myself And I’

Slyck TwoshadeZ from 2 Shadez is one of the oldest names who is still active in the underground scene right now. His latest release ‘The City‘ with Shah Rule, Cash Kardz and Mumbai’s Finest is already in the news these days. But, to boost the hype even further, Slyck decided to drop the video of ‘Me, Myself and I‘ which was featured on his mixtape ‘PharmaSlyck‘ that came out almost three months ago in the end of October 2016.

‘Me, Myself and I’ is a Strings-driven instrumental which was produced by Dope Muzik. Slyck recorded it very clearly and the track was then given for mixing and mastering to Prabh Deep who undoubtedly did a great job. Final audio sounds crisp and fat at the same time. Bishmen handled the visuals part of this track by directing and shooting the video himself and whatever he did is the best that this song could ever get. Zummer Photography did the editing for the final cut and designed the promotional images of this video.

This track is all about being you in this selfish world that’s full of filth. He suggests that being the most underrated is good for an artist’s growth. It’s good for the struggle, it’s good for the pain. One thing that you’ll notice in this track is the continuous change in his flow. If you’re not into English rap, you’re gonna get bored but if you are a close listener of English rap then you’re gonna recognise the changes. This video features several shots from Slyck’s live performances and that’s one of the best concepts for a hip-hop video.

Check out the video here: