Skylar Grey and Eminem team up again!

Stans are expected to go crazy for anything and everything Eminem, even if it is just a verse. Well I am a Stan and all the craze is justified. Skylar Grey makes a stunning come back and it was all worth it as her fans had not heard from her in a minute.


Skylar grey has collaborated with Eminem before as well on tracks such as ‘C’mon let me ride’ and Dr.Dre’s ‘I need a doctor’ but this track has a very different vibe. You don’t need to read the description to know that this is a Slim Shady production. Skylar is a genius when it comes to compositions and the way track is broken down can almost be the script of a movie. Anyone who is aware of Bonnie & Clyde can draw many similarities. Skylar plays the supportive role, she has a ride or die attitude and is willing to kill for Eminem. Shady is his twisted self and as unscrupulous as always, he plays with Skylar’s emotions, driving her to do almost anything that he needs to get done.

The following lyrics prove my point :

I’m your alternate escape route, the altar you pray to
Your ultimate savior, your behavior is altered
Ain’t your fault cause I made you
Brainwashed and persuade you
Gibraltar, you’re faithful, never falter or waver
When you causing the danger I’m your guardian angel
Nobody can tell you shit, you’ve already made your
Mind just follow me, babe, you
Won’t be sorry you stayed

This duo is a diabolical combination and I am not sure if they are dropping a video for this or not but they definitely should!. ‘Kill For You‘ is going to be on Skylar’s new album ‘Natural Causes‘ and she is going on tour afterwards.