SKIBKHAN – Raising Social Awareness Against Destroying World’s Largest Mangrove Forest


Skibkhan Sayeed, usually known as ‘Skibkhan‘ a very well known emcee from Bangladesh. Most of his fans knows him from the Crew ‘Deshi MCs’ 

Skibkhan started his first step with writing rap lyrics in 2004. Hugely influenced by Tupac, Biggie, Big L, Nas and T.I. Skibkhan reps hard for the crew, Deshi MCs, a legendary Hip Hop Crew from Bangladesh. DESHI MCs so far have released 2 albums and featured in the mixed album Kata Taarer Bera with their signature song “Ganjam“. Skibkhan’s Keno Nile Ei Poth (feat. Sakib) and Onuprerona (feat DJ Raf) are also in the album. Strong lyrics both in English and Bangla and rhymes focusing on reality are a few strong points of Skibkhan.


The Rampal power station (Bengali: রামপাল বিদ্যুৎ কেন্দ্র) is a proposed 1320 megawatt coal-fired power station at Rampal Upazila of Bagerhat District in Khulna, Bangladesh. It is a joint partnership between India’s state owned National Thermal Power Corporation and Bangladesh Power Development Board. The joint venture company is known as Bangladesh India Friendship Power Company (BIFPC). The proposed project, on an area of over 1834 acres of land, is situated 14 kilometres north of the world’s largest mangrove forest Sundarbans which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It will be the country’s largest power plant.  The whole process of this project might cause massive harm to the wild life of sundarban as well as the living heritage of world’s famous Royal Bengal Tiger. People from different age started doing peaceful protest to replace this very project to somewhere else for the sake of world’s largest mangrove forest and Royal Bengal Tiger.


Skibkhan had a plan, he wanted to protest thru his music. Since he’s an artist, he thought he would spread awareness and peaceful protesting through his music, and that’s how he came up with this special release called “Baagher Bachcha


Skibkhan said to DHH, ” I’m an artist, and as a rap musician I can really make social awareness about my national problems. And also I don’t have to act violently, I can deliver my message to my country peacefully” 

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