Skibkhan Creates A Unique Visual Experience For ‘So What’


Skibkhan just dropped ‘So What’ featuring Rafsan. It’s an English track full of creative visuals straight from the streets of Dhaka.

Skibkhan is one of the most well-known rappers from Bangladesh and has been pushing for his dreams for a good portion of the past decade. As a former member of the Deshi MCs crew out of Dhaka, he made quite an impact in the Hip Hop scene in Bangladesh. The crew came out with the first ‘gangsta rap’ album back in 2007, titled ‘Banned’. This album spread like wildfire, leading up to numerous collaborations, concerts, TV/Radio appearances, and got a great response from the young listeners of Hip-Hop. Skibkhan went on to work with a variety of top producers, as well as came out with a second Deshi MCs album with his crew.

Since then, the man has been on a journey of self-actualization. But, his balancing act with career, family and passions is finally paying off. The video production for ‘So What’ was accomplished by FlyBot Studios, a prominent film studio in Bangladesh. It also sponsored by a prominent radio station Spice 96.4FM.

With all these big names behind one track, we knew this track and video are going to be something special. But, when I initially saw the trailer, I just didn’t know where Skibkhan’s team would go with it. Now, I am convinced that this is definitely one of the dopest videos I’ve seen that came out of Bangladesh – including all genres of music.

Not only are the colours amazing, but the cinematography is completely out of the box.

You’re just gonna have to click ‘Play’ below to experience it yourself.

“Tear off the first page, need no introduction
Like your favorite writer – Poetic Seduction”

Those words ring true to Skibkhan’s music. He has constantly released content that made listeners think, and he’s done just that with this track. With the smooth beat and catchy hooks, Skibkhan drops rap verses that made this song stand out.

The man’s hard at work in studios all over to create more music and content for his listeners and fans. We just have to learn to be patient now, ‘cuz this is only the beginning of his new phase of artistry.