What Happens When Skibkhan Prank Calls Black Zang?

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What happens when a prominent rapper gets on a popular radio show to prank call another famous rapper and radio host?

Craziness! That’s what happens.


This is exactly what Skibkhan did with Black Zang last week. The man got on Spice FM’s “Tazz with Stars” episode to talk about his latest music video ‘So What’. While he was there, he took the best opportunity to take Black Zang on an unexpected ride and prank called the man.

The premise starts off with Skibkhan calling Zang to confirm his radio interview on his show ‘Planet Hip Hop 101.6FM’. As they discuss the upcoming interview, Skibkhan referred to his fictional ‘Newly hired Chinese marketing/branding company‘. The conversation takes off hilariously as Black Zang tries to figure out what the F is going on.

Take a look, this sh*t is hilarious!